Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Speaking of grilling...

Joe and I are happy to throw almost anything on the grill just to see what happens. Somehow, cooking food over an open flame always ends up magical, and that certainly was the case when we decided to grill some cauliflower steaks a couple weekends ago. One can only eat so much roasted cauliflower, so this was a nice spin with similar results. We ended up with the caramelization and crispy edges, yet it didn't at all turn to mush the way it typically does when cooked in an oven. I wouldn't have been the least bit surprised if I managed to eat the entire head of cauliflower myself in one sitting. 

And the absolute best part? It was virtually effortless to do. I sliced one head into about 1 in. slices (I ended up with 5 total). They were brushed with a little bit of olive oil and seasoned, then simply thrown on the grill. Once they had deep grill marks on each side, they were done and ready to be served. Do this, and do it soon. I guarantee you will be one happy customer.